We are the group tasked with designing, developing, and improving the accelerators of the MAX IV Laboratory. The group consists of accelerator physicists, laser physicists, and magnet engineers. We work in close collaboration with the Operations, RF, and Engineering Groups at MAX IV as well as with the Accelerator Physics Faculty at Lund University. Some of the research projects we’re pursuing can be found here.


Group Members

Åke Andersson (Group Leader)
Lennart Isaksson
Marija Kotur
Filip Lindau
Erik Mansten
Magnus Sjöström
Sara Thorin
Alexey Vorozhtsov
Jonas Breulin
Francis Cullinan
Joel Andersson (PhD student)
David K. Olsson (PhD student)
Jonas Björklund Svensson (PhD student)



Left to right, top to bottom: Filip Lindau, Magnus Sjöström, Simon Leemann, Lennart Isaksson, Jonas Breulin, Sara Thorin, Marija Kotur, Åke Andersson, Erik Mansten.

Former Group Members

Dieter Einfeld, joined ESRF-Upgrade, Jan 2015
Pedro F. Tavares, appointed MAX IV Machine Director, Feb 2016
Martin Johansson, joined SLAC, Dec 2016
Simon C. Leemann, joined ALS, 2017


Contact info: Åke Andersson