Beamline status reports

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BeamlineTechniquesEnergy RangeBeam Size 
BLOCHhigh resolution angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (ARPES), optionally spin resolved (Spin-ARPES) and core-level spectroscopy (CLS)10 -1000 eV 10μm x 25μm (VxH)
BalderXAS, XES2.4 - 40 keV defocused V ~0.1-2 mm x H ~ 2-9 mm, focused 100 x 100 µm2
BioMAX MX, MAD, SAD, SSAD, Atomic resolution data collection, Large sample ensemble screening, In situ crystal diffraction5-25 keV20 μm x 5 μm
CoSAXSSAXS, BioSAXS, Time resolved SAXS, Micro beam SAXS, Anomalous SAXS, XPCS4-20 keVTypically 100x100 μm2 at the sample, down to 10x10 μm2
DanMAXPowder X-ray diffraction, Full-field imaging, absorption, phase and diffraction contrast tomography.15-35 keV15 µm - 1.1 mm
FemtoMAXTime-resolved X-ray scattering, Time-resolved X-ray spectroscopies, Time-resolved SAXS, Time-resolved reflectivity1.8 keV - 20 keVUnfocused 1 mm diameter; Focused 0.04 mm dia; With cylindric Be-lenses 0.01 mm x 0.04 mm v x h
FLEXPESHigh-resolution XPS and XAS, resonant photoemission (ResPES) and angle-resolved valence band spectroscopy (ARPES), electron-ion coincidence experiments40 to 1500 eVFrom 50 μm to 2 mm
FinEstBEAMSXPS, XAS, PEPICO, TOF4.3 eV - 1000 eV (288 nm - 1.24 nm)0.1 (V) x 0.1 (H) mm, best: 0.02 (V) x 0.1 (H) mm
ForMAXFull-field microtomography, SWAXS, scanning SWAXS imaging8-25 keV~ 10 µm - 1 mm; smaller and larger beam size will become available with secondary optics
HIPPIEAP-XPS, AP-XAS110-2000 eV (full range), 263-1200 eV (full circular polarisation)50 µm x 50 µm
MAXPEEMLEEM, DF-LEEM, UVPEEM, XPEEM, DF-XPEEM, micro-ARPES, micro-LEED, XMCD, micro-XAS30 - 1200eVminimum 16x16μm^2, maximum 50x50μm^2
MicroMAXMX: rotational crystallography, serial crystallography, time-resolved crystallography5-25 keV5 μm x 5 μm and larger. Later focusing down to 1 μm x 1 μm will become available
NanoMAXScanning transmission microscopy (STXM) with absorption and phase contrast X-ray fluorescence microscopy (XRF) Coherent diffraction imaging techniques (CDI) Ptychography in forward direction and Bragg geometry5 - 30 keV300nm – 30 nm. Mature goal 10 nm
SoftiMAXSTXM, Ptychography, Fourier Transform Holography250 – 2500 eV with full polarization control25 nm (STXM), 100 nm (Ptychography), 20 μm (Fourier Transform Holography)
SPECIESRIXS, NEXAFS, XPS, HP-XPS, XAS27 – 1500 eV (linear polarization) 40 – 300 eV (circular polarization) Elliptically polarizing EPU61 undulator Period length 61mm, 40 periods 16 mm minimum gap Collimated plane grating monochromator (FMB Berlin)RIXS 5×25 μm2 HP-XPS 100×100 μm2
VERITASRIXS275-1000 eV1×5 μm2