Balder beamline attributes

TechniquesXAS, XES
Beam Sizedefocused V ~0.1-2 x H ~ 2-9 mm2, focused 100 x 100 µm2
Energy Range2.4 - 40 keV
Time Scalesms - s
Samplescovering K-edges from S to La and L-edges from Nb in almost any sample in any form under many condition see text on the main page

Current beamline performance (updated 2022-02-03)

TechniqueXAS (XANES/EXAFS), secondary technique XRD
Beam sizeFocused H 50 x V 50 µm2 (Si111), (Si311), Slits close to sample to reach smaller spot size
Defocused vertical 2 mm, horizontal 500 µm
Energy range5 - 40 keV
Time scalesStep scan 30 min/EXAFS
Fly scan 30 sec/EXAFS
Sample relatedTranslations at ambient conditions for transmission and fluorescence,
10 K Cryostat, several sample cells available

Information for the user call (2022-02-03):

  • Balder beamline is providing transmission and fluorescence XANES/EXAFS in the energy range from 5 – 40 keV (DCM Si111, Si311).
  • Scanning can be made in fly scan mode (~30 sec/EXAFS) or in step scan mode (~30 min/EXAFS) for both transmission and fluorescence detection. XANES spectra will be correspondingly faster.
  • Sample translations at ambient and cryo conditions.
  • Closed cycle cryostat down to ~10 K, sample in He exchange gas.
  • Limited gas experiments possible, please contact staff for feasibility.
  • Fluorescent detection XAS with the energy dispersive 7 element SDD is available up to 20 keV and with the 7 element Ge detector up to 40 keV. A large PIPS diode is available for TFY.
  • XES is in ongoing expert user commissioning. (not in present call)
  • XRD is now available for sequentially combined XAS-XRD measurements with stationary detector and raw data support.


Sample holders:

All the multi-sample holding plates fit to the translation stages used at ambient conditions. The smaller size (22 x 75 mm2) and interface also fit in the cryostat (and be compatible with robotic sample loading at a later stage). If users want to design their own holders, please use the same interface (2x ∅5.6 mm holes and the 3.4 mm slot, up to 2.5 mm thickness). Plates are otherwise available at the beamline in acrylic glass or aluminum. Drawings are available upon request.