The A-branch endstation consists of several UHV chambers, coupled by a central radial distribution chamber. This layout permits working in parallel on each chamber, independently of all others.

For details of the measurement chamber, the two preparation chambers and the scanning tunneling microscope, see the dedicated pages. The other components of the endstation are:


The loadlock has a 6-slot carousel. Preliminary outgassing is possible by either direct current heating through the sample or resistive heating by a filament underneath the receiver. At present only sample can be heating at a time. It takes about 2 hours to attain a satisfactory pressure to move sample into the main chambers.

Storage chamber

There is a 12-slot carousel for short-term UHV storage of samples

Transfer chamber

The central transfer chamber (P=9×10⁻¹¹mbar) has a distribution arm with two thermally isolated slots. The receiver can be LN2 cooled to enable cold (<100K) transfers between chambers.

Vacuum suitcase

It is possible to dock vaccuum suitcases to the endstation. Please discuss the details of your suitcase with the beamline staff to ensure compatibility.

Free ports

There is one free DN63CF port on the transfer chamber which could in principle accommodate a small custom chamber. Discuss with the beamline staff, many months in advance, if you are interested in using this.