CoSAXS Team and AssociatesPhone 
Dr. Tomás Plivelic
Project manager+46 733 87 98 17Responsibilities
Optics and end station developments, SAXS

Research interests
Polymer physics, nanostructured materials and nanocomposites, X-ray scattering instrumentation, time resolved experiments
Dr. Ann Terry
Beamline Manager &
Group Manager, Diffraction and Scattering

+46 703 26 44 98Responsibilities
Sample environment and end station development, SAXS/WAXS, XPCS, Bio-SAXS

Research interests
Soft Matter, BioSAXS, rheology, protein dynamics, time resolved experiments, SAXS/SANS
Roberto Appio
Research engineer
Jackson SilvaResearch Engineer
Dr. Pablo Mota-Santiago
SAXS/WAXS, Mechanical Testing

Dr. Anna Fornell
Postdoc, Adaptocell projectResponsibilities
Microfluidic sample environments

Research interests
Microfluidics/droplet microfluidics, Acoustic manipulation of cells and microbeads
Dr. Fátima Herranz Trillo
Postdoc, LUResponsibilities
SUrF sample environment, BioSAXS

Research interests
Amyloid aggregation, multicomponent chemometric SAXS data decomposition
Dr. Antara Pal
Postdoc, RÅC Project, Stockholm UniResponsibilities

Research interests
Self assembly and dynamics of colloids and amphiphilic systems

Vanessa Silva
Software engineer, KITS
Dr. Christopher SöderbergResearcher (employed at RISE)
Dr. Shun YuResearcher (employed at RISE)
Dr. Raúl BarreaScientist Responsibilities
Optics expert

Research interests
X-ray instrumentation and detection, X-ray micro spectroscopy and diffraction,


Prof. Ulf OlssonPhysical Chemistry, Lund Universitet