The following detectors are currently available at DanMAX:

DetectorTypeMaximum frame rateActive areaResolution in pxPixel sizeNotes
DECTRIS PILATIUS3 X 2M CdTeCdTe based hybrid pixel array detector - photon counting250 Hz253.7 x 288.8 mm21475 x 1679 (h x v)172 x 172 µm2For details see:
RaySpec SiriusSD + XIA FalconX8-1Single element silicon drift detector for XRF and FalconX digital pulse processor65 mm2 (collimated 50 mm2 ) 1The XRF detector is on loan from the Birkedal group at Aarhus University, Denmark and made available through grant CF18-0802 from the Carslberg Foundation.
For details see: