Below you can find information on the permanently installed LDM-PES endstation at FlexPES. The FlexPES Low Density Matter branch also has an additional port at which the MAX IV coincidence spectroscopy end station (ICE, Ions in Coincidence with Electrons) can be installed.

For more information about the LDM ICE endstation, click on the link below:

LDM ICE endstation

Single-bunch operation: There will be a 1 week of single-bunch operation in the period September 2022 – February 2023 . When applying for a beamtime with single-bunch operation, indicate this clearly in your beamtime proposal. For more information please contact Noelle Walsh () or other FlexPES staff.

LDM Sample Delivery

Various LDM sample delivery systems are available for use with the FlexPES LDM-PES end station and the ICE end station. For more information on these, please follow the link:

LDM sample delivery systems

For more information on the range of Low Density Matter facilities available at MAX IV, see:

Low Density Matter at MAX IV


LDM-PES endstation

The permanent endstation at the LDM branch is dedicated to photoelectron and x-ray absorption spectroscopy studies on separate atoms and molecules, cluster beams, liquid beams, surfaces, and thin films. It comprises three chambers: an ionization chamber with Scienta SES R4000 electron spectrometer, preparation chamber with sample transfer and treatment facilities, and a fast introduction chamber with a sample garage. Main characteristics of this system are described below.


Ionization and analysis chamber

Base pressure10-8 mbar
Gas inputGas-sending system with 4 separate gas lines and 1 liquid vapor line (under construction)
Beam size at sample 120 x (10-100, slit dependent) μm2, can be increased on demand

Magnetic shieldingμ-metal
DetectionScienta R4000 spectrometer with MCP/CCD detector
Sample delivery1. Solid samples on sample manipulator
2. Molecular/cluster beams from a dedicated sample delivery system (to be booked well in advance)
3. Liquid beams from a dedicated liquid jet source (to be booked well in advance)
4. Magnetron-based source for metal particle beams


Preparation chamber

Base pressure10-9 mbar
Sample manipulation 600 mm Z-travel XYZ VG Omniax manipulator with a rotation stage in horizontal arrangement
Sputter gunYes (Physical electronics)
DosingGas-sending system with 4 separate gas lines and 1 liquid vapor line (under construction)


Sample introduction chamber

Base pressure10-8 mbar
Sample manipulationMagnetic transfer arm to match the manipulator in preparation chamber
Sample storageCapacity: 6 samples