PurposeTo enable FTIR simultaneously with AP-XPS
DescriptionBruker Vertex v70 spectrometer coupled to main UHV/APXPS setup (catalysis cell). Fully in-vacuum beampath prevents IR light from absorption by O2/H2O in air. Both IR and X-ray spots are overlapping inside AP cell, thus enabling simultaneous AP-XPS and FTIR
SpectrometerBruker Vertex v70 with in-vacuum beampath
Range650 cm-1 - 8000 cm-1
Max Pressure1 mbar
DetectorPEM-Kit for vacuum applications. 42 kHz PEM, F350 Polarizer
D31x/B-A MCT detector, medium band. LN2 cooled. Spectral range 12000 - 600 cm-1
Scan rate70 spectra/sec at 16 cm-1 resolution
SoftwareOpus/IR, Opus/3D
AvailabilityCurrently in commissioning