MAX IV currently has 6 LDM-relevant beamlines, i.e. 6 beamlines at which it is foreseen that it will be possible to perform LDM-relevant experiments.

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MAX IV Storage rings

Energy (GeV)Photon Energy CircumferenceNo. of bunches in multi-bunch modeBunch interval in multi-bunch modeBunch length (RMS)Stored currentSingle bunch mode? Yes/NoStored current in single bunch mode (to date)# LDM-relevant beamlines
R11.54.5 eV - 1500 eV96 m3210 ns~70-213 ps400 mA (planned: 500mA)Yes22 mA3: FinEstBeAMS, FlexPES, SPECIES
R33200 eV - 35 keV528 m 17610 ns~29 ps350mA (planned: 500 mA)No-2: Veritas (Emax: 1500 eV), HIPPIE (E max: 2200 eV)


MAX IV Short Pulse Facility

BeamlineElectron sourceX-ray energyOperationPulse durationTiming accuracyPump laser (wavelength)
FemtoMAXMAX IV linac3-10keV2Hz (10Hz operation under development)100fs<2 ps (jitter between laser and X-rays)800 nm