Dr. Aaron Finke
Scientist, BioMAX
+46-733 971062
Dr. Aleksander Cehovin
Computational scientist, MicroMAX
Dr. Ana Gonzalez
Scientist, BioMAX Beamline manager
Elmir Jagudin
Software Engineer, FragMAX / KITS
Dr. Ishkhan Gorgisyan
Instrument Scientist, BioMAX
Dr. Jie Nan
Scientist, BioMAX
Dr. Manoop Chenchiliyan
Scientist, MicroMAX
Dr. Meghdad Yazdi
Software Engineer, MicroMAX / KITS
Dr. Mikel Eguiraun
Software Engineer (KITS)
Dr. Mirko Milas
Research Engineer, MicroMAX
Monika Bjelcic
PhD student, MicroMAX
Dr. Oskar Aurelius
Scientist, MicroMAX
Dr. Sandesh Kanchugal
Postdoc, FragMAX
+46-46 2226992
Dr. Swati Aggarwal
Postdoc, BioMAX
+46-46 2224412
Dr. Thomas Ursby
Scientist, MicroMAX project manager, MX group leader
Dr. Tobias Krojer
Scientist, FragMAX team manager

The MicroMAX team is part of the MX Group and works in close collaboration with the BioMAX team, see BioMAX staff.

Contact info: Thomas Ursby