The first station to be opened for external users is the CDXI.

For the first User Call, the end-station will work with reduced capabilities. The methods provided are scanning imaging with absorption and scattering contrast in transmission geometry, and X-ray fluorescence.

More information is in the following table:


Photon Energy8 keV - 20 keV
Beamsize 100-200nm (please contact team for updates)
Scan range100 µm (horizontal and vertical direction)
Sample sizeup to 20 mm
Sample support / environmentplease contact team
Detectors:Pilatus 100k, Pilatus 1M
1-element Si drift detector (AMTEK)
Pixel detector distance (forward direction)0.5 m --4 m
Basic software for the data visualization and analysis will be provided

NOTE: Performances might change during commissioning. Regular updates will be posted on this page. Please contact the beamline staff for any questions.