Material from the workshop “Infrared Chemical imaging for the future.”  March 8-9, 2017, Uppsala.


The invited speakers and their presentations.

  Mike Martin ALS.

Synchrotron Infrared Nano Spectroscopy:    SINS for MaxLab IR Workshop March 2017.pdf

Tomography:    Tomography for MaxLab IR Workshop March 2017.pdf

SRIR introduction IR + Xray:   SRIR introduction for Max IR + Xray workshop March 2017.pdf

SINS and Tomo for MAX-IV: SINS and Tomo for MAX-IV Mar 2017.pdf

  Lisa Miller, NSLS II



Larry Carr, NSLS II

Why (and how to) Use Infrared from Synchrotron Storage Rings?:   GLCarr_MAX_Workshop_8-Mar-2017.pdf

Infrared Beamlines at NSLS-II: MAX_Seminar_10-Mar-2017_present.pdf


Paul Dumas, Soleil Synchrotron


Diversity applications of  SR-IR:  DIVERSITY APPLICATIONS SR-IR-MAX4-Dumas.pdf

Oxana Klementieva,Experimental Dementia Research, LU

New light on Alzheimer’s disease: Klementieva-Presentation-Uppsala-March-2017.pdf