Most of the experimental station and the RIXS instrument itself has been an in-house development, where extra care has been taken to optimize the performance, not only in regard to its optical design, but also in regard to mechanical stability and user operation.

The Vertias beamline will support great variety of experimental environments were a custom manipulator system with exchangeable manipulator rod will be available. The beamline will be offer a number of standard rods for different types of experiments, from solids under cryo-conditions, micro manipulation, to liquids and gases. The user can also bring their own rod of they have special needs or requirements of the experimental set up.

With the high-level performance, the beamline offers new opportunities for research fields ranging from physics and chemistry to biology. Especially, materials science, and research on correlated systems and energy materials will benefit, and the feasibility to investigate catalysis and corrosion in operando with high precision is very promising.