Stability is a key challenge for a brilliant synchrotron like MAX IV. In order to collect the efforts on stability, an entity called the MAX IV Stability Task Force (STF) is established. This section of our web pages is dedicated to describe the work, philosophies and results on stability.


The mission for the Stability Task Force is to ensure Stable Beams. By “Stable Beams” we think all beams at the MAX IV Laboratory. Anything, which can affect the stability of the photon beams at the users’ samples, is part of the scope for the STF.

The quality criteria of the beams at the experimental setups are different at the beamlines. Stability is about ensuring a continuous and acceptable level of quality. Quality parameters could be:

  • Size
  • Position
  • Angular Distribution
  • Photon Bandwidth
  • Time Structure

When it comes to positioning, stability is not only related to vibrations, but also long term drifts and oscillations within seconds up to years.