Mechanical Stability is a large area for the Stability Task Force. Management of vibrations is crucial for ensuring the quality. There is not one method, which can ensure all mechanical stability. The challenge needs to be handled on many fronts. The main methods are:

  • Calculating Vibration Tolerances and Monitoring
  • Reducing sensitivity to Vibrations
  • Vibration Isolating of Sources
  • Active Systems

The philosophy is to rely, as far as possible, on passive systems. It is not always without side effects to introduce active systems, but they are needed some places.

Vibration Isolation of sensitive components is not a widely used method at MAX IV. Optical components in beamlines and magnets in accelerators must be well aligned to each other. Vibration Isolation often involves putting things on very weak springs or supports. A side effect of this is that the relative position of the isolated component is not easily managed. Our beamlines are often in the range of 50 metres long and accelerators even larger.