The Biolab at MAX IV is the central laboratory facility for the support of life-science synchrotron experiments. The lab complements the sample preparation facilities at different beamlines by offering extended instrumentation access and support.

General equipment

  • Fume hood
  • Ice machine
  • Supply of ultrapure water
  • Laboratory dish mashing machine
  • Cold storage (4°C, -20°C, -80°C, -150°C)
  • Autoclave
  • pH meter (Stationary, Portable, micro volume)
  • Mixers
  • Ultrasonic bath
  • Water bath
  • Hot plate with stirrer
  • Pipettes (single- and multi-channel)
  • Vacuum filtration device


Anaerobic chamberCoy Vinyl unheated 2 pers
Stereomicroscope #1Leica M125C 8x-100x, in the anaerobic chamber
Stereomicroscope #2Nikon SMZ25 6.3x-157.5x, motorization
HPLC with fractionatorAgilent system (CoSAXS in-line)
Gel systemBioRad gel electrophoresis and documentation
UV-Vis spectrophotometerNanodrop OneC with touch screen and cuvette option
Dynamic light scattering (DLS)Wyatt Nanostar with IR laser 785nm Cuvette-based min sample vol 4µL
Bench top centrifugeVWR Mega Star, swing bucket with adaptor for 50mL&15mL tubes, Plates
MicrocentrifugeEppendorf 5424R with FastTemp function, 1.5mL /2mL tubes
MinicentrifugeEppendorf MiniSpin Plus, non-refrigerated
Microfluidic flow setup with microscopeElveflow system; Nikon Ci-L microscope with phase contrast
CentrifugeVWR Ministar
ThermoShakerVWR Thermo Shake Lite
Mini Incubator Gilson bench-top incubator -15°C – 60°C
Incubated Rotator Benchmark Roto-Therm™ Plus, 1.5mL-50mL tubes, 5-60°C

Access Policy

For general enquiries on the support labs, please contact your local contact or the lab manager of the labs. Users are advised to contact the lab manager to enquire about the use of specific equipment well in advance of their visit to MAX IV​.​  Users are advised to book the lab and conduct risk assessment at least 2 weeks before their arrival using the following link and their DUO credentials:


A face to face induction is required to get the access to the Biolab. The access is valid during the beamtime and for one year. Users will be contacted after their booking is confirmed to book the time for induction.

Safety information

Any work that is carried out in the Biolab must be suitably risk assessed in the lab booking form. Please contact the lab manager​ if you need more information.


Yang Chen  +46 (0) 722-356 446    Lab Manager of Bio and Chem labs