It is possible now for MAX IV users to characterize their samples with true Atomic Force Microscopy, using the Dimension 3100 machine from Veeco/Digital Instruments. As with other activities involving the support microscopy labs, the instrument time is given primarily in conjunction with granted beamtime.


Please, note, that the machine is placed in Optics Metrology Lab. The lab is a clean, restricted environment where no general user admittance is currently permitted. Therefore, you need to schedule your experiment with the operator(s) well in advance.

Your contacts:

Nikolay Vinogradov (SPM lab manager)

Louisa Pickworth (Optics Metrology lab manager, AFM responsible)

Yngve Cerenius (Group Leader Beamline Office)


System overview

Dimension 3100 is has been introduced to market in late 1990-ies. Despite seemingly old, it is still competitive with the brand-new AFMs in terms of high-resolution topography determination. It is capable of both contact and tapping modes, allowing thus for characterization of both solids and soft matter objects. Under the menu item “User information” to the right you will find sample requirements and the list of typical cantilevers that we use. The true working resolution achieved in different scanning modes is shown in the image gallery.