Here a few example images from the AFM Dimension 3100 are collected. All images are clickable.

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Mesa-structure on SiC, contact mode

A mesa structure lithographically patterned on SiC substrate, wall height ~ 30 nm, mesa width ~ 700 nm including walls, valley width ~ 1300 nm.


Mesa-structure on SiC, contact mode

3D representation of the mesa patterned SiC. Atomic steps (bunches) of a few Å height are clearly visible.


NaCl clusters, tapping mode

NaCl clusters prepared by electrospraying. Courtesy of University of Oulu, prof. Samuli Urpelainen


NaCl cluster, tapping mode

Close-up at an individual NaCl cluster, showing a truncated cube / cuboctahedron shape. Courtesy of prof. Samuli Urpelainen, University of Oulu.


Biomimetic membranes, tapping mode

Aggregates of galactose on a biomimetic membrane. Courtesy of Dr. Yulia Sergeeva, Malmö University