Our experimental station features a VT XA STM from Scienta-Omicron. It combines a reliable tube scanner, in-vacuum preamplifier, and tip preparation tool, and Eddy current damping system, which allow for routinely available atomic resolution on appropriate samples.


The schematics of the experimental station is given below (images are clickable). More details about available auxiliary equipment available here.

Top view
Side (front) view

Scanning modes

Mode Parameters Comments
Constant height-10 V < Vbias < 10 V
50 pA < It(detectable) < 300 nA
Not used but available
Constant current|Vbias| < 10 V
50 pA < It(setpoint) < 300 nA
The most used
typically, 100pA < It(setpoint) < 5 nA
and 20 mV< |Vbias| < 3 V
Spectroscopic mappingTBDTBD
NC-AFM-50 Hz < df < -5 HzRaster time (and scan time) may vary greatly depending on the desired resolution/accuracy.