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LEED Electron energy 30-1500 eV,
working distance 10-20 mm.
Working pressure better than 1E-9 mbar, emission current 10-100 uA.
4-grid LEED spectrometer with AES capabilities from OCI VM.
See webpage for LEED
AESe-gun energy 50-1500 eV
energy resolution TBA
Sputter gunWorking gas: Ar.
Ion Energy: 100-2500 eV
Spot size on a sample ~ 2 cm and beam current on a 1 cm sample is ~ 1 uA at 1kV beam energy and partial pressure of Ar p(Ar)=3e-5 mbar
Dedicated, clean gas line for Ar. Different sputter gases e.g. Ne may be provided upon request.
* at
Leak valve1E-10 - 5E-5 mbar*Dedicated gas line to LV.
Use of corrosive, flammable and toxic gases must be assessed and approved by ChemSafety team prior to experiments.
*higher partial pressures might be allowed after project assessment.
Mass spectrometer / RGAMass range 1 - 150 a.m.u.
Faraday cup (up to 1E-5mbar) and secondary electron multiplier, SEM (better than 1E-7 mbar) are available.
Quadrupole MS. Rudimentary TPD is available. The distance between the sample and the nozzle is ~ 20 cm.
E-beam evaporatorRod size: 1-5 mm diameter, less than 45 mm long.
Ebeam power max 300 W
Nozzle to sample distance ~ 150 mm
Spot footprint ~ 10 mm, depending on the sample geometry
EFM3 from Omicron
ViewportsCF40 and CF63. CF ports for users' equipment. May be available upon timely request.
Long-distance microscopeUltimate resolution ~ 3 um @ 250 mm working distancePrecise positioning of the tip on the sample.
Additional equipment*Upon timely request users are welcome to bring and use their own equipment