A vacuum suitcase is a portable Ultra-High Vacuum chamber that allows for storage, transportation and, in most cases, all-vacuum transferring of sensitive samples. Typically, vacuum suitcase featrues a small ion/NEG pump with control unit powered both by mains or by accumulators, a manipulator and a gate valve. Optionally, an additional chamber with turbomolecular pump and integrated heating elements is supplied to ensure mounting of the vacuum suitcase on a chamber port with a single gate valve (i.e. no differential pumping).


Here, we offer a ready solution for all-vacuum transferring of samples between a few beamlines and the experimental setup in the SPM lab.

Our vacuum suitcase has a base pressure of around 1e-10 mbar, and features a in-vacuum 5-position sample storage which allows for transferring of multiple (up to 6) sensitive samples at a time. A dedicated system for differential pumping can be provided, too.

  • Samples must be mounted on standard flag-type sampleholders, compatible with the receiver in the SPM lab
  • Depending on the vacuum requirements, transfer time between the experimental set-ups may vary between 3 hours and 24+ hours. If the vacuum in the differential pumping chamber is not a big issue, and no bakeout is needed, one may transfer as soon as the pressure in the gateway is below 1e-7 mbar (typically around 3 hours of pumping). Contrary, if UHV conditions are critical at all stages of the sample handling, a bakeout of a gateway is necessary which might take as long as 24 (or more) hours, depending on the vacuum requirements



Here the vacuum suitcase is mounted at high-pressure photoemission beamline HIPPIE, where all-vacuum transfer is possible back and forth. See page Relevant beamlines (available from the side menu, too) to find whether beamlines for which all-vacuum transfer is available, or foreseen.