If granted STM time, get in touch with Nikolay in order to plan your experiments, timeline and assess the support. You’ll find more information and contact details at the Staff page.


Getting to the lab and navigating around




Reception is at the main entrance at E-building. Upon arrival you will have to complete compulsory Safety Training and sign a few forms. Since the lab is located in the controlled area, you will need to wear a dosimeter whenever at the lab (more details in Safety Training). There is a vending machine nearby and a kitchen with a few microwave ovens and free coffee/tea/water dispenser on the 2nd floor of D-building (office wing). The main kitchen (also a few vending machines) is at the 4th floor of E-building.


We offer the following infrastructure

– WiFi access via eduroam (academic account) or maxiv-guest

– Workstation for data analysis with access to internet and major scientific journals subscription

– Diverse sample preparation:

— ultrasonic bath

— spotwelding machine

— dry* and liquid nitrogen

— glovebox**

— vacuum suitcase*** for in-vacuum sample transfer between experimental stations


* a dedicated dry nitrogen venting line is assembled and mounted but not pressurized yet. Dry nitrogen will be available from pressurized vessel upon timely request

** located in chemistry/sample preparation lab (D100XXX, next to FlexPES beamline). Check availability

*** in a test mode, transferring is not guaranteed yet. Sample requirement: mounted on a flag-type sampleplate, see Sample requirements page