Many groups within the MAX IV organisation are involved in various maintenance activities, on the accelerators, the beamlines and the common infrastructure systems (e.g. vacuum, cooling water, automation and many others).

When it comes to the beamlines, sub-systems owners and the beamline’s staff are on the front-row, being the ones who actually operate the equipment. In addition, the Maintenance and Installation Coordinator (MIC, belonging to Engineering) and the Beamline Office are supporting these activities, in a mainly coordinating and administrative role.

In this context, the main task of the Beamline Office is to guide the beamline through a standardized ‘maintenance process’. First step is individuating all the relevant equipment that are critical for the beamline to operate effectively and that need to be somehow maintained. It could be anything form a Cryo-cooler to a sputter gun or a water pump on the heat exchanger. In this phase, it is crucial to assign appropriate ownership to the equipment. The next step is making sure that the proper maintenance actions are described and then undertaken by the responsible groups. Regular follow-ups allow to check that everything was done according to the plan and, eventually, improve the process.

One outcome from this work is relevant input for a project that is being deployed at a facility level. The aim is to develop an ‘Equipment tracking tool’, i.e. a software-based tool which will help setting up a comprehensive components database. For those components, it will be possible to create maintenance plans and eventually work orders in a structured way. Objectives of the project are, among others: enhancing communication in the organization, collecting information on relevant asset in a systematic way, tracing history of components (problems/maintenance done/inspections). For this project, MAX IV is collaborating with other similar facilities such as ESRF (Grenoble) and ESS (Lund).

For more information, please visit MAX IV wiki page, beamlines maintenance section (only for MAX IV staff)


Giulia Orlando – Maintenance coordinator – Beamline office

Yngve Cerenius – Group Leader Beamline Office


A colleague from the Engineering – water group, replacing a flow gauge at one of the heat exchangers on 1,5 GeV storage ring.