One of the things we specialise in here at MAX IV Laboratory is to develop and refine the technology behind a synchrotron radiation facility. To minimise costs, we have created our own  solutions and sometimes even manufactured the parts we need ourselves. However, creating a finished product from an initial idea often requires a skilled designer – this is where the mechanical design team comes in.


This is a team of problem-solvers, as they often receive tasks from people with ideas for something that is needed. The design engineers then have to figure out how the task can be solved, and create a CAD drawing, after which the needed part is produced either by our own workshop or by an external producer, and finally tested by us here at the lab. The mechanical design team designs and builds everything from small and simple parts, such as a sample holder, to larger and more advanced parts, such as undulators for the beamlines.


We have an in-house mechanical workshop, equipped with CNC 3 and 5 axis milling machines, lathes, a vacuum brazing facility, and a TIG welding station.