The SEDS team is part of the Beamline Office. We take part in end-station developments, procurements of endstation instrumentation, and maintain a pool of spare instruments. SEDS is available to all MAX IV beamlines as a resource in their development of experimental facilities. Furthermore, SEDS will promote collaborations with other institutes. External groups are encouraged to contact SEDS for collaborations on technique development within sample environments, sample manipulations, and detectors.

A list of the current SEDS projects, and some useful information you may need when starting collaboration projects with us, can be found here.

Back home SEDS is a proud member of the International Society for Sample Environments (ISSE) and Stefan Carlson has been the chairman for the organization since the end of 2018. More information is available at

Beamline workshop

A workshop for beamlines support is available to MAX IV staff after a short training session (see contact details below). It is intended for small and fast mechanical work on equipment at any time of the day. The workshop is equipped with hand tools, drilling machine, and 3D printers.

The SEDS equipment pool

Beamlines and MAX IV employees can book and borrow equipment from the SEDS pool. The instruments within the pool are mainly relevant to beamline end stations, but also some frequently used supplies will be stocked.

Stocked items is listed in this internal SharPoint site: SEDS Equipment Pool.

Requests to book equipment: seds_issues(at)

SEDS lab

A lab for tests and development of instrumentation has been set up at MAX IV. Many in-house and external development projects require installations and off-line testing for extended periods. Current lab facilities provide: water, pressurized air, nitrogen, safety cabinet for gas cylinders, furnace (1400°C), 10K cryostat, soldering station, oscilloscope, electronic and mechanical equipment, and 3D printers.

Additive manufacturing at SEDS

The SEDS team maintain and provide 3D-printing services. Two printers (Ultimaker) are available to all staff in the Beamline workshop. Two more printers (Mark Two and Form 2) are installed in the SEDS lab and are used by specially trained MAX IV staff.

Printing requests on all our printers can be made by filling out a Work order (internal web page) and submitting it to SEDS. We can handle work order requests for both all in-house printing and external contract work (LTH design Centre, metal prints, etc).

Please have a look here for more technical details on our printers.

SEDS detector support

We support detectors at MAX IV beamlines, including planning and procuring detectors, as well as installation and giving maintenance support. These activities are performed in close contact with KITS to facilitate the integration of the detectors in beamline control systems. The detector support also develops small devices, such as photodiode detectors and ionization chambers.

Contact SEDS

Please send a support request by email to seds_issues(at) or contact us directly.

  • Stefan Carlson, Team leader, email: stefan.carlson(at)
  • Artur Domingues, SEDS lab, Beamline workshop and Instrumentation pool, email: artur.domingues(at)
  • Mathieu Leme, SEDS lab and Beamline workshop, email: mathieu.leme(at)
  • Christopher Ward, Detector support, email: christopher.ward(at)