The Biolab at MAX IV is the central laboratory facility for the support of life-science synchrotron experiments at BioMAX, Balder, CoSAXS, NanoMAX, FemtoMAX, MicroMAX, SoftiMAX. The lab complements the sample preparation facilities at these beamlines by offering extended instrumentation access and support.


Biolab offers visiting scientists with specialist equipment and expertise for preparation, characterization and handling of biological and biochemical samples, including proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and macromolecular complex samples. Currently Biolab offers dynamic and static light scattering, gel electrophoresis, UV/Vis spectrometry, chromatography, anaerobic sample preparation, optical microscopy etc.


We focus on the development of experimental methods and assisting users with optimization of their samples for structural studies. In collaboration with beamline staff and user communities, we are working to develop new sample environments, serial-crystallography, and sample preparation techniques. An off(beam)line test station of the microfluidic setup for the AdaptoCell project is placed at Biolab. The setup is tuned in and tested with protein samples prior to beamtime. The microfluidic platform will be applied at Balder and CoSAXS for delivering protein solution samples, and at MicroMAX for delivering micro crystals in novel in situ and time-resolved experiments. A station of the HVE injector for serial crystallography at BioMAX and MicroMAX is also being tested and developed at the Biolab.


To book the Biolab in connection to your beamtime, follow this link, login with your MAX IV user identity and complete the risk assessment form.

If you have any inquiries about Biolab, please contact Biolab manager: Yang Chen