Information for users, contractors and other visitors

latest update 8 February 2022

The Swedish public health authorities have eliminated all pandemic-related restrictions relevant to MAX IV, effective 9 February 2022.

MAX IV is delighted to announce that normal access to the Laboratory applies to all users, contractors and other visitors.

The MAX IV Reception is open 08.00-16.30, call +46462229872 or email .
For user-related questions, please contact User Office on email or call +46462221415.


8 February 2022: Swedish restrictions that affect MAX IV are eliminated 9 February
14 January 2022: Updated information about meetings and user access
8 December 2021: Statement on possible future updates
3 November 2021: Back to normal operations
2 September 2021: Decision on the autumn (VT22) user call.
1 September 2021: Clarification on additional restrictions for certain beamlines.
16 July 2021: Updated information on the reopening plan (start date changed to 13 September instead of 16 September)
2 July: Updated information on the reopening plan

8 June 2021: Updated
27 April 2021: Updated info for admitting users on site
23 March 2021:
Clarified current activities
March 2021: Updated info on beamlines taking mail-in samples
5 February 2021:
Updated link for information regarding Normal & Fast Access calls
18 January 2021: MAX IV entering warm shutdown
16 December 2020: Emphasized the need to explore remote working opportunities. Clarified status of consultants. Christmas break for user office.
28 October 2020: Permalink changed from “/users/covid-19/” to “/covid-19/”
15 September 2020: Reception opening hours
9 September 2020: Allow for small student training groups, under special precautions
31 August 2020: Refer to local rules at beamlines, rules for non-user visitors