Outreach, training and learning


Beamtime for training and education
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training and education beamtime. 


The increasing portfolio of highly specialized methods and techniques demands equivalent dedicated efforts to facilitate an effective and sustainable scientific use of MAX IV.
Experience, knowledge and enthusiasm, of MAX IV colleagues and collaborators, are our leverage through the multiple outreach, training and education initiatives. A way of achieving more with what we know is making knowledge accessible, understandable and useful. It is about sharing, engagement, end-user participation, attention to impact, bridging gaps, make connections. All in all, its success to address real-life needs and interests relies on experiences of all parties and its multidimensional aspects.

MAX IV is engaged on diverse educational and training instruments to help to know and understand the use of the facility. Many of them are organised by external partners with the full support and collaboration of MAX IV. MAX IV commitment was formally developed in the MAX IV Education Policy.


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Education in Physics embedded at MAX IV

In addition to the MEP there are also possibilities for University Education at Lund University:

Courses in Accelerator Physics, Beamline Instrumentation and applications of Synchrotron radiation are given at MAX IV by the Department of physics at MAX IV.  A Master Program in X-ray and Neutron Science is given by the Department of Physics in close relation with MAX IV. You can read more about the program via this link https://www.fysik.lu.se/en/masters-programme-physics-x-ray-and-neutron-science. There are possibilities for MsC and PhD degrees.