MAX IV Summer School in SR – MAX IV in Focus

Organized by MAX IV and* Chalmers University of Technology

The school is postponed until further notice.

MAX IV information in connection to COVID-19

When: as soon as possible after the current crisis is over.

Where: Backagården and MAX IV Laboratory



Scope of the School

The aim of the school is present to the students the current possibilities and potential offered to the MAX IV synchrotron light source Users.

A proper understanding of synchrotron facilities and why they are such a useful tool for research is important among the present and future Users community to increase the relevance and quality of the synchrotron radiation-based science. The program in this MAX IV in focus school includes lectures on topics such as accelerators, synchrotron radiation, interaction X-rays with matter, instrumentation, scattering and spectroscopy techniques, coherence, imaging, open science practices at MAX IV (EOSC, EXPANDS) and more. We will cover general and wide overviews but also showcase specific and detailed examples. The school includes besides lectures also exercises and hands-on practicals at the MAX IV beamlines.

The school offers a valuable opportunity for the students to mingle and network among synchrotron interested students, with the lecturers and with the participating MAX IV scientists.


Program overview

The first part of the Summer School will be at Backagården, Höör. The experimental program will be realized at MAX IV Laboratory in Lund.

Confirmed speakers (preliminary titles).

Pedro Fernande Tavares, MAX IV. MAX IV accelerators.
Phil Willmott, PSI. X-ray interaction with matter; introduction to methods.
Yngve Cerenious, MAX IV, MAX IV beamlines.
Helga Lichtenegger, BOKU Vienna. Scattering and diffraction.
Joachim Schnadt, LU. Spectroscopy.
Ana Díaz, PSI. Coherence.
Isabel Campos, CSIC, Patrick Fuhrmann, DESY. Open Science trends: EOSC and ExPaNDS


Registration has been postponed until further notice. Reason COVID-19.

After the deadline for registration, a committee will decide which applicants are accepted for this Summer School. The selection will be based on the student´s letter of motivation that must be included in the registration. The student´s motivation letter should estate their research engagement and their interest in synchrotron radiation. The students are also requested to present a poster about (a project from) their PhD. A priority of acceptance will be given to students in the early stage of their PhD and we aim at having a group of selected candidates representing a good distribution in research topics.

All applicants will receive, by e-mail, a letter of acceptance/no acceptance by the end of April.

The number of participants is limited to 30 students.


Practical information

  • The Summer School in Synchrotron Radiation 2020 MAX IV in Focus, co-organized by Chalmers University and MAX IV, is free of charge.
    The bus from Lund C to Backagården and back is included as well as accommodation on June 8-16 and all meals except for your free day (Saturday 13th).
  • The travelling from your home University to Lund and back is not organized by the Summer School.
  • Students are asked to bring their laptops as all information material will be in digital format.
  • The poster has to be printed before coming to the School since there is no possibility to print at Backagården. The appropriate poster size is A0 (width 840 mm, height 1190 mm)


Further useful information will be updated through the quick links (e.g found on the right-hand side of this page)

Organizers team

Marianne Liebi (Chalmers, Chair)
Ana Labrador (MAX IV)
Franz Hennies (MAX IV)
Helena Ullman (MAX IV)  

User office group telephone:  046 – 222 14 15
weekdays between 1 PM and 3 PM