For SCIENCE students

Master’s program in Physics – X-ray and Neutron Science

X-ray and neutron beams have special properties for studying a wide range of topics such as fundamental physics, biology and geology. In this program you will learn about the creation and use of such beams. The education has a special emphasis on research at the world-leading X-ray and neutron research facilities MAX IV and ESS in Lund. Read more via this link

Master program in Synchrotron Radiation Based Science

This program is  closed for new students.

If you are not interested in a whole program you can take one or several of our courses.


If you are studying physics we think you might enjoy starting with the course MAXC11- Production of Photons and Neutrons for Science since it will give you a good overview of what we do here at MAX IV.


If you are studying biology or chemistry and want to know more about synchrotron radiation based science and how you could use it we think you might like to start with the course MAXM06 – Introduction to Synchrotron Radiation Based Science because it will give you a great introduction to the subject and be a good base for future studies.

Courses that can be included in your bachelor or master programs

General courses:

Introductory courses:

Advanced courses:

For ENGINEERING students

As a engineering student you can choose to study a specialization in Accelerators – Engineering and Physics at the Engineering Physics Program (F) at Lund University, Faculty of Engineering.

Specialization courses