An overview of our courses is given in the following table:

Course nameCourse codePointsLevelPeriodLinks
Photon and Neutron Production for ScienceMAXC11 / EXTF907.5basicAutumn 1
Introduction to Accelerators and FELsMAXM077.5advancedAutumn 1
Introduction to Synchrotron Radiation Based ScienceMAXM067.5advancedAutumn 1
Accelerators and FELsMAXM05 /EXTN957.5advancedSpring 1
Experimental Methods and Instrumentation for Synchrotron Radiation ResearchMAXM16 / EXTN907.5advancedAutumn 2
Project in Synchrotron Radiation Based ScienceMAXM177.5advanced(In Master program)
Master' s Degree Project in Synchrotron Radiation Based ScienceMAXM3030advanced(In Master program)