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Join the application for funding a new Swedish PhD programme

As a Big Science Nation, home to the world’s most brilliant synchrotron, and a hotbed for leading photon science, Sweden aims to take the lead on educating the next generation of synchrotron experts by suggesting a new PhD research programme: PRISMASPhD Research and Innovation in Synchrotron Methods and Applications in Sweden.

The programme is envisioned to strengthen the network surrounding Swedish academia and MAX IV with regard to synchrotron methods for research. We invite you to get involved in an application for funding through an EU COFUND. The COFUND action is a part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme.


Latest Updates

Completed selection process for projects to be included in the COFUND application

We have received 50 proposals for PhD projects to be included in the PRISMAS Programme involving 10 Swedish Universities. We would like to thank all contributors for their interest and effort.

The projects have been reviewed internally by MAX IV staff  in order to select those that can be included in the Programme at the current stage. Parameters considered for the final list of accepted ones were scientific relevance, developmental aspect and technical feasibility.

We will include in the application 38 project proposals. Submitters will be notified by Monday 20 December 2021 about the outcome. Current efforts in the further development of the Programme are focused on writing the application and gathering contributions in terms of training offered by the various Universities that would be of interest and available to the PhD students of PRISMAS. If you have any comment or input, please reach us (contacts below).



EU COFUND action

COFUND is a programme within the European Commission MSCA framework. It co-finances new or existing doctoral programmes and postdoctoral fellowship schemes with the aim of promoting high standards in recruiting process, inster-sectorial mobility, and enhancing talent circulation. The programme requires cofunding from the applicants. The COFUND programme covers part of the salary of the early-stage researchers (2800€/person-month). Contact your university node for more information and read more on the European Commission COFUND Website.

Purpose of the programme

The proposed COFUND initiative aims to strengthen the user community in advanced synchrotron methodologies, and ensure that users can take full advantage of different synchrotron techniques and further shape MAX IV. We welcome new users at the participating universities and institutes to engage in and apply for developmental projects together with MAX IV, and enable knowledge transfer between MAX IV and the partner universities. 

Why join the programme as a co-applicant?

By joining the COFUND application and possible future PhD programme, you will be able to:

  • Increase the use of advanced synchrotron methods in your research 
  • Be a part of shaping the development of MAX IV 
  • Ensure that the Swedish synchrotron community remains world-leading
  • Strengthen the competence exchange between MAX IV and your organisation
  • Maximise the benefit from MAX IV development to society
  • Promote synchrotron techniques as a research method together with other universities and industry
  • Jointly build a career platform for mentorship programs and peer to peer networking in the synchrotron community

Who can join?

To be eligible you must come from a Swedish university or institute that can provide the supervision and scientific training and award a doctoral degree. The research programme welcomes principal investigators who want to work with interdisciplinary projects ranging from experimental and theoretical physics, accelerator science, materials science, life science, medicine and health, environmental science, cultural and geological heritage, to clean energy. Doctoral students must have a 3-12 months secondment on-site at MAX IV as well as a collaboration with industry and/or other stakeholders. 

Key dates and deadlines 

  • Sep 2021: Local information meetings
  • 14 Oct 2021: Short information at the ESS/MAX IV VR Summit in Uppsala
  • 25 Oct 2021: User Meeting satellite session at Scandic Star in Lund: Present your research interests and get an opportunity to find partners. Register for the User Meeting here to attend this satellite session (10:00-12:00 CEST).
  • 30 Nov 2021: Deadline for sending in project proposal
  • Mid-Dec 2021: Applicants will receive answers
  • Mid-Jan 2022: Deadline for Letters of Intent


Video: Watch the first information meeting 


Please join the local meetings at your university. Information will be sent out by your university. Contact your local contact person:


Marjolein Thunnissen
Life Science Director
+46 766 32 04 17

Conny Såthe
Physical Science Director (Interim)
+46 70 932 36 73

Selma Maric
Business and Industry Coordinator
+46 462 22 65 89


Martin Stankovski
Senior strategist
+46 72 912 07 50

Lindsay Richard Merte

Associate Professor in Physics

+46 40-6658074


Per-Anders Carlsson
+46 317 72 29 24

Maria Abrahamsson
+46 317 72 30 69


Mikael Sjödahl
+46 920 49 12 20



Henrik Hansson
+46 703 08 65 03

Filipe Maia
+46 18 471 46 42

Maria Hahlin
Associate Professor
+46 18 471 36 16



Partner Universities for PhD Programme