Environmental Safety at MAX IV


MAX IV was the first building in Sweden to receive the BREEAM-SE Outstanding certificate and strives to have a low environmental impact. Through technical solutions to lessen energy consumption and the reuse of process heat to warm nearby houses and green roofs, MAX IV has lowered its environmental impact compared to other synchrotron light facilities.


But a facility is only as sustainable as the people who work there make it. MAX IV strive to make it easy for employees and users to help us keep a low environmental impact by a number of provided solutions. We ask that you help us make MAX IV as sustainable as possible.


Recycling and Waste handling


Recycling in the E building

Recycling of paper, plastic, metal, cardboard, glass, food waste and return bottles/cans is possible in the food court area of the E building. You may also get rid of combustible waste here.


These symbols helps you recycle correctly.



Recycling in the A, B, C and D buildings

MAX IV provides small recycling bins for those Beamlines/Labs/Other areas that have need of such, according to the needs of the specific area. The fractions provided are Paper, Plastic, Metal (it is possible to separate Aluminum and Copper if requested) and cardboard. If your area has need of specific recycling fraction bins, please contact

Due to a shortage of staff, these bins must be emptied by personnel working at the areas. They need to be rolled (the bins have wheels) to the intermediate station in experimental hall D and emptied in the containers there. Do not let waste pile up in the bins and create a fire hazard.

There are larger containers for Combustibles and Corrugated paper in the experimental halls. Use these if you have bulky waste you need to get rid of. These containers will be emptied regularly by MAX IV staff. It is not allowed to mix Combustibles and Corrugated paper in the same container. The stickers on the containers show you where to throw Combustibles and where to throw Corrugated paper.

The waste paper baskets will be emptied by service personnel. Do not throw anything in the waste paper baskets that might harm the service personnel.

Do not throw metal containers/glass containers/paper containers/plastic containers still containing compounds in the recycling bins. These needs to be treated as Hazardous Waste.


Hazardous Waste

There are recycling bins for batteries, aerosol cans and fluorescent lamps at the D hall intermediate station.

Separate lithium batteries and normal batteries to avoid fire hazard.

For all other hazardous wastes, read Routines for Hazardous Waste and/ or contact





Buss No. 20 stops right outside MAX IV, both for arrival and departure. The bus goes close by several departments such as Kemicentrum and NanoLund before having its end station by the train station. Lund is also a city excellent for bicycling.

Do not carry hazardous samples or hazardous chemicals/bio-agents on public transportation.