Pharmaceutical research is directed towards developing new drugs as a major resource for public health. Fragment screening is a powerful tool within the drug discovery pipeline, which can be used to probe functional sites of target proteins, or to find starting points for a development of novel pharmaceutical substances. FragMAX is a modular screening platform at BioMAX that offers support in all stages of a crystallographic fragment screening campaign, including an access to fragment libraries, assistance with experimental design, sample preparation, data collection and data analysis. Users can initiate FragMAX project at any stage of the screening campaign. FragMAX development runs in a close collaboration with Astra Zeneca and SARomics BioStructures as well as together with another Lund University core facility, the Lund Protein Production Platform (LP3).

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FragMAX: the fragment-screening platform at the MAX IV Laboratory
Lima, G. M. A., Talibov, V. O., Jagudin, E., Sele, C., Nyblom, M., Knecht, W., Logan, D. T., Sjogren, T. & Mueller, U. (2020). Acta Cryst. D76, 771-777.

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  • name Tobias Krojer