Health and Life Sciences

Within the healthcare, life sciences, and MedTech industries
, the innovation of technology is driven by patient needs and the demand for high-performance components and devices, diagnostic tools, and drug delivery vehicles.

Using synchrotron X-ray techniques, you can study healthy and diseased cells and tissue as a basis for developing new medical treatments and explore new active compounds and delivery systems for drugs. It is possible to study the underlying biological processes for conditions that affect human health, and characterise materials on both atomic, micro- and nano-structure level, such as implant structures and how to increase their longevity.

Nano-diffraction techniques allow to study early bone growth and tooth implant acceptance. With X-ray fluorescence imaging it is possible to image elemental content and distribution with sub-cellular resolution of various systems, for example brain tissue in connection with Alzeimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and surgery research, and diabetes research on pancreatic islets. Spectroscopy techniques enable chemical speciation of different elements in samples, and the possibility to look at transition metals in purified proteins, cells, tissue, biofilms, etc.

Together with ESS and SciLifeLab, MAX IV has established the InfraLife platform through which life science companies can get easier access to large-scale infrastructures for research.


Examples of research topics at MAX IV:

  • Biological and soft matter in vivo at high spatio-temporal resolution
  • Trace substances and the relationship between chemical structure and reactivity in samples
  • Local structure of metal centers in proteins
  • Study the composition of microgels and biomimetic materials


Popular techniques and beamlines:

  • Hard X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy at Balder
  • Macromolecular X-ray crystallography at BioMAX
  • Small-angle X-ray scattering and X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy at CoSAXS
  • X-ray fluorescence imaging in 2D and X-ray phase and absorption contrast imaging at NanoMAX
  • Imaging, scanning transmission X-ray microscopy, X-ray fluorescence and ptychography at SoftiMAX



Discuss your research and innovation needs with us! Contact us at the MAX IV Industrial Relations Office and we will help you turn your research idea into an experiment and match it with the suitable methods and techniques for you.