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Step into the world of leading-edge science. Discover new possibilities to radically improve and optimise your production and processes – and accelerate your business growth through next level industrial research.    

MAX IV offers the world’s brightest synchrotron light and cutting-edge instruments for industrial research and development. The world-class tools available provide revolutionary opportunities for your company to see materials and matter in an unprecedented way, and gain a competitive advantage on the market by developing and innovating better solutions.   

Our Industrial Relations Office will help you navigate through MAX IV on your research journey. Popular research methods at MAX IV include advanced techniques within spectroscopy, imaging, and scattering. If you need a research partner, we can facilitate collaborations and connect you to a suitable partner.      

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See how other companies have used the superior quality synchrotron X-rays generated at MAX IV to gain new insights. Our case studies include examples spanning from stainless-steel brazing to characterisation of complex ores, from serial X-ray crystallography to studies of Pickering emulsions. 

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For easy access to industry-related services at MAX IV, ESS, and other Swedish large-scale research infrastructures don’t miss the MAXESS Industry ArenaThrough this platform you can get in contact with a growing network of research groups, service providers, and support organisations with top-class expertise in using synchrotron and neutron-based research facilities.

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