Metals and engineering


The ongoing shift to new technologies and energy storage solutions has created a growing market demand for optimised, fossil fuel-free, and more durable metal application materials with altered properties. New sustainability requirements demand decarbonised manufacturing processes and there is a need for developing more environmentally friendly, recyclable materials with maintained performance level.

Together with MAX IV, the metal industry is using synchtrotron X-rays to find innovative, sustainable ways to map and exploit metallic materials’ properties. Two examples are the exploration of hydrogen as energy carrier in applications and the quest for composites and alloys that can withstand extreme conditions and ageing.

Through advanced surface imaging and diffraction techniques, spectroscopy, tomography, and other techniques available at MAX IV, it is possible to conduct material analyses during strain and stress, do damage and failure testing on coatings, study phase transformations, do chemical mapping, and study solidification of alloys. The generated high-resolution data makes it possible to gain new insights at an unprecedented level of detail.

MAX IV has a close, strategic collaboration with the metals and engineering industry through companies such as Alfa Laval to make sure we develop the facility to meet industrial needs. This close collaboration ensures that we can offer the most cutting-edge, industry-relevant techniques and competences on the market.

Through the Metalbeams platform, metal industry researchers can get easier access to both MAX IV, ESS, and Petra III at DESY, and connect with possible research partners.


Examples of research topics at MAX IV:

  • Chemical processes studies in operando and in situ
  • High-performance metal material coatings and chemical resistance
  • Metal phase analysis, tensile stress-strain testing
  • Hydrogen as reagent in manufacturing


Popular techniques and beamlines:

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  • XXxxx at XXXXX



Discuss your research and innovation needs with us! Contact us at the MAX IV Industrial Relations Office and we will help you turn your research idea into an experiment and match it with the suitable methods and techniques for you.