Whether you want to test your material’s capabilities, discover opportunities for product optimisation or validate your simulations with experimental data, synchrotron X-rays allow you to study your products and processes at a whole new level.

See our available techniques or be inspired by other companies and their industrial research projects at MAX IV and ESS. 


Industry services at MAX IV

We offer you and your business:


We can help you identify the suitable techniques and beamlines for your experiment and offer training sessions to get you familiar with synchrotron techniques. 

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us to get the help and services you need.


Beamtime at MAX IV

As an industrial user, you can access beamtime through general access or proprietary access, either on your own or together with a research partner:  

Get general access  

Are you planning on publishing your results in peer reviewed journals? Then you can apply for free beamtime through our general access mode. See current and upcoming calls and deadlines for proposals. 

Get proprietary access  

If you want faster access to the beamlines and full confidentiality and IP control over your produced data, you can apply for beamtime through our industry-privileged proprietary access. Beamtime is offered either as single purchase for one specific project or through a framework agreement for repeated access. Contact our Industrial Relations Office to buy proprietary beamtime.

Once you get in touch with us, this is what your research journey at MAX IV may look like:


User journey through MAX IV  

Are you a small or medium enterprise?

Then you might be eligible for the LEAPS Innov pilot project to get tailor-made support and access to world-class accelerator-based light sources in Europe and in the Middle East. Visit the LEAPS Innov website.