7th DLSR 12–13 April 2021

Event Date: 2021-04-13  

7th DLSR 12–13 April 2021

Thank you all who joined the 7th Diffraction Limited Storage Ring (DLSR) workshop!


Find the PDF presentations for download here (link to BOX)

Please note that we are uploading the presentations as we receive permissions from the speakers, so check back again in a couple of days if you don’t find the one you’re looking for.

Programme and abstracts

Following in the path of the previous meetings the two-day workshop will highlight both the technical challenges and the new research opportunities enabled by the new multi-bend achromat storage rings. However, the digital format of the workshop combined with our wish to broadcast live, providing the possibility to interact with the speakers, has imposed some additional specific limitations on the program. 

Please find the detailed program here (still subject to changes): 7DLSR Detailed Program.pdf

Each day will consist of a 5-hour plenary session, divided into several sub-sessions, focusing on the different aspects of the design, construction, commissioning, and operation of accelerators, beamlines, and experimental systems at Diffraction Limited Storage Rings. The sessions are scheduled between 15:00–20:00 local time (GMT+2). This compact format has limited the availability of invited talks to about 18, which in turn has required a reduction in scope compared to previous workshops. We have chosen to give some priority to overview talks that potentially appeal to a broader audience, and reduce the number of presentations on accelerator upgrade plans from individual facilities to one overview talk. Experiences, both regarding accelerators and beamlines, gained from the three already upgraded facilities in operation, are however presented individually. We believe that the program highlights the excellent work being conducted and planned at Diffraction Limited Storage Rings and we look forward to your participation in the Workshop. The workshop is free of charge.

We are very grateful to our advisory groups that have helped us to develop such a good program within these boundaries and to the speakers that have accepted our invitations!


On behalf of the local organizing committee

Yngve, Åke, Pedro

Program and confirmed speakers

Monday 12 April

Session 12:1, 15.00–16.30 – Commissioning & First Experiments on DLSR’s, Chair: Pedro Fernandes Tavares (MAX IV)
Ian McNulty (MAX IV) – Science at MAX IV (Abstract_McNulty.pdf)
Harry Westfahl (LNLS) – Commissioning and First Science at Sirius (Abstract_Westfahl.pdf)
Harald Reichert (ESRF) – Commissioning and First Science at ESRF (Abstract_Reichert.pdf)

Session 12:2, 16.40–18.35 – Stability, Alignment & Diagnostics, Chair: Günther Rhem (HZB)
Volker Schlott (PSI, SLS) – Electron and Photon-beam diagnostics in Fourth Generation storage rings (Abstract_Schlott.pdf)
Petr Ilinski (BNL, NLSL-II) – Active feedback implementation for beamline photon beam stability (Abstract_Ilinski.pdf)
Vadim Sajaev (ANL, APS) – Predicting orbit motion for the APS Upgrade storage ring (Abstract_Sajaev.pdf)
Xiaobiao Huang (ANL) – Applying machine learning to automated tuning of accelerators (Abstract_Huang.pdf)

Session 12:3, 18.45–19.50 – What’s next?, Chair: Seunghwan Shin (PAL)
Riccardo Bartolini (DESY, PETRA) – Overview of ongoing fourth-generation light source projects worldwide(Abstract_Bartolini.pdf)
Victor Smalyuk (BNL, NLSL-II) – New directions in Diffraction Limited Light Source Design (Abstract_Smalyuk.pdf)

Tuesday 13 April

Session 13:1, 15.00–17.20 – DLSR Enabling Technologies, Chair: Kawal Sawhney (DLS)
Peter Kuske (HZB, BESSY) – Review of Injection Systems for fourth-generation Storage Rings (Abstract_Kuske.pdf)
Frank Siewert (HZB) – Optics for Soft- and Tender-X-ray Application – Current State and Upcoming Developments (Abstract_Siewert.pdf)
Gael Lebec (ESRF) – IDs for Fourth Generation Storage Rings (Abstract_Lebec.pdf)
Saša Bajt (DESY) – Nanofocusing lenses (Abstract_Bajt.pdf)
Pablo Fajardo (ESRF) – Detection challenges for the new generation of storage rings: The approach and strategy for ESRF-EBS (Abstract_Fajardo.pdf)

Session 13:2, 17.30–19.50 – Designing for, preserving and utilizing coherence, Chair: Ian McNulty (MAX IV)
Oleg Chubar (BNL, NSLS-II) – Start-to-End Simulations for Modern Light Sources (Abstract_Chubar.pdf)
Ivan Vartanyants (DESY) – Coherence at High-Energy Fourth-Generation X-Ray Synchrotron Sources (Abstract_Vartaniants.pdf)
Alexander Björling (MAX IV) – Utilizing the coherent beam at the NanoMAX instrument (Abstract_Björling.pdf)
Takashi Tanaka (RIKEN, SPring8) – Coherent mode decomposition of partially-coherent synchrotron radiation based on Wigner function representation (Abstract_Tanaka.pdf)
Claire Donnelly (Univ. of Cambridge) – Exploiting coherence: 3D magnetic Imaging (Abstract_Donnelly.pdf)

External Advisory group

Seunghwan Shin (PAL)
Takahiro Watanabe (JASRI)
Timur Shaftan (BNL)
Simon C. Leemann (LBNL)
Andreas Streun (PSI)
Horst Schulte-Schrepping (DESY)
Raymond Barrett, (ESRF)
Frank Siewert (HZB)
Kawal Sawhney (DLS)
Lahsen Assoufid (ANL)
Oleg Chubar (BNL)