A successful call for proposals

A successful call for proposals

The spring call for proposals for eight beamlines at MAX IV closed 19 March with a total of 228 proposals from 28 countries. The number of applications is on par with proposals received when the former MAX-lab peaked, which shows that the demand from users is high as well as is their confidence in getting excellent tools and support.

– We see a strong and growing interest among researchers in many different disciplines from universities and research institutes from all over Sweden, says Franz Hennies, Head of the User Office at MAX IV.

The beamlines in this call cater to many different research areas; Structural Biology (BioMAX), Spectroscopy (Bloch, FinEstBeAMS, HIPPIE, and Veritas), Nanoscience (NanoMAX and MAXPEEM) and Chemistry (Balder). NanoMAX, for example, attracts interest with internationally recognised researchers who are able to utilise the cutting-edge technology and the coherent X-rays offered. Balder, who will receive its first regular users in September is very attractive to a large Swedish community even though it is still in a build-up phase with more instruments to come.

– Many of the users applying for beamtime in this call have been waiting since MAX-lab closed in December 2015, but we also see brand new research groups, which is very encouraging, concludes Franz Hennies.

The process of distributing beamtime will now continue with the Programme Advisory Committees (PAC) evaluating the proposals during April and May to select those research groups who will be given beamtime. A decision on allocation will be sent out to the applicants end of May, and the users will obtain their beamtimes during the period from September 2019 up until February 2020. The next call for proposals will open in August and will this time include ten beamlines, in addition to the eight receiving users from this call access to the beamlines FlexPES and Species will be added.