Art, Ecology, and Science – a collaboration with artists-in-residence ARNA

Art, Ecology, and Science – a collaboration with artists-in-residence ARNA

Photo: Nille Leander

Three artists recently presented their ongoing work that has been developed as a collaboration of the artists-in-residence program at ARNA and scientists at MAX IV as one part of the larger project “Art, Ecology, and Science.” 118 artists from 16 different countries applied in the international call for the project.

The aim of the project, funded by Region Skånes cultural department and with several other partners in the region, is to bring the two visions of a UNESCO biosphere reserve and the development of the Brunnshög area with MAX IV, ESS and Science Village Scandinavia together.

The topic of the project is “perspective through details,” and at MAX IV, the artists have met with scientists Ana Labrador and Karina Thånell during November to exchange ideas.

Themes that came up in the presentations by the internationally renowned artists – Laura Lio, Ninette Koning, and Loek van Vliet, were curiosity and the interest in gaining new knowledge, something that unites artists and scientists even though the work process may sometimes be a bit different. The artists’ work, which unifies themes from the meetings with scientists and elements from the physical environment of the region, span from sculpture and installations to photography and drawings.

In March 2019, the project ends with a symposium in cooperation with the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences at Lund University as part of the master course “Visual Culture: Environment and Nature” at Skissernas museum in Lund.

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About the artists

Laura Lio, born in Argentine and now lives in Spain – Laura works through interdisciplinary projects in the fields of sculpture, drawings, artist books, site-specific installations, and land art.

Loek van Vliet, the Netherlands – Loek works in the field of photography on long-term projects about the experience of landscape. This results in exhibitions and books like Sacred Grounds, quiet areas in the Netherlands and Flanders; Natural Climate Buffers.

Ninette Koning, the Netherlands – Ninette takes a great interest in nature and its continuous changes in chaos and unity. She creates site-specific installations where her research of location, its nature, and cultural history intensifies her works.


Video from the presentations at MAX IV

Introduction by Kerstin Jakobsson, ARNA


Work in progress presentation by Laura Lio


Work in progress presentation by Loek van Vliet


Work in progress presentation by Ninette Koning