Big Science Business Forum 2018

Big Science Business Forum 2018

Join MAX IV at Europe’s new one-stop-shop on the Big Science market

More than 650 delegates from 25 countries, representing more than 250 businesses and organisations from the international Big Science landscape, have already registered for Big Science Business Forum 2018 (BSBF2018). As a selected Affiliated Big Science organisation, MAX IV will be present at BSBF2018, giving a talk on our future procurement plans. With less than two months to go, interested is encouraged to sign up for BSBF2018 now.

Some of Europe’s largest Big Science organisations (CERN, EMBL, ESA, ESO, ESRF, ESS, European XFEL, F4E, and ILL) have joined forces to create BSBF2018. Together, they want to contribute to a stronger, more transparent and consolidated Big Science market in Europe for the benefit of both Big Science and businesses.

An additional eight other Big Science organisations (ALBA, DESY, ELI-NP, ENEA, MAX IV, SCK•CEN–MYRRHA, PSI and SKA) have been selected as BSBF2018 Affiliated Big Science organisations, increasing number of Big Science expert speakers to more than a 100. BSBF2018 is the first time that 17 of the world’s largest Big Science organisations are united under one roof to present their future investments worth billions of euros and to meet the Big Science industry together.

Book exclusive1-1 meetings with MAX IV delegates

BSBF2018’s 1-1 meeting module was launched last week, in which you can book 1-1 business meetings with all delegates. Through the 1-1 meeting module you can send meeting requests and see, read and communicate with other delegates. It allows delegates to meet with potential or existing business partners and will ensure that delegates can plan and optimise their conference calendar and experience. See a list of Big Science delegates here.

MAX IV presentation at BSBF2018

BSBF2018 have recently published a detailed programme including the individual presentation topics. More than 120 talks distributed on 19 conference sessions will address Big Science as a business area. MAX IV is represented in session B4 Affiliated Big Science organisations II by Director, Christoph Quitmann, giving a talk on the following: ‘Ask not what synchrotron radiation can do for you; ask what you can do for synchrotron radiation’. See the updated programme here.

A few last calls from BSBF2018

Sponsorships: With one Gold Sponsorship left, an interested business has a unique chance to secure a prime exhibition space. If you did not sign up for an exhibition space in time, this is your chance.
Site visit to ESS and MAX IV: More than 100 delegates have already signed up for the free-of-charge site visits to ESS and MAX IV in Lund, Sweden. Due to increased interest an extra tour is opened on 1 March at 10.00. If delegates want to secure a seat at a specific time slot, we encourage them to sign up now.

We hope to see you in Copenhagen 26-28 February 2018