Coherent visions – User Meeting 2018

Coherent visions – User Meeting 2018

24–26 September, MAX IV hosted over 250 attendees at the Scandic Star Hotel in Lund for our annual user meeting.

Aptly titled, ”Coherent Visions”, the goal of the meeting was to present not only a strategic vision for the leadership of MAX IV but also to discuss the best ways to use the techniques available to users.

The mood was upbeat. While the delays from the VR report were discussed programmatically, they were also put into the context of the significant achievements of the MAX IV staff and users, as well as possibilities to take advantage of our brilliant and coherent light source in the future.

Users and staff spent a full day in the middle of the conference hopping between parallel sessions to discuss the details of imaging, scattering and diffraction, coherence, serial crystallography, spectroscopy and industrial-academic partnerships. By all accounts, these sessions were both inspiring and productive, focussing on delivering the best possible science to the academic community.

The user meeting was an important setting for the various user organisations from the MAX IV user association FASM to the Swedish and European User Organisations SSUO and EUSO. There was a call for more users to be involved in these organisations and FASM elected a new board at the meeting.

With all these world leading scientists in one place, we also took the opportunity to educate local schools. The user meeting hosted a full day of talks for teenagers with the hope of inspiring the next generation of scientists for MAX IV. Building large facilities takes time and we are going to need a new and enthusiastic generation of scientists in the future.

During the dinner on Tuesday, Isabella Silva Barreto and Niklas Johansson received their student awards, poster and thesis respectively, and on Wednesday they gave talks on their research which where much appreciated.