Event Dates: 2018-06-25 to 2018-06-30   

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The Danscatt & MAX4ESSFUN Summer School on Materials Research with Synchrotron, Neutron, and XFEL Sources (2 ECTS) is created to educate young researchers in techniques and methodologies used at synchrotron, neutron, and XFEL sources. The school covers a wide range of scattering and absorption methods including diffraction, total scattering, imaging, and spectroscopy (see program below). Further, several beamlines/instruments are presented as part of the general perspective.

All students are expected to bring a poster on their related research, and to present it to other participants in “speed-science” sessions, in order to broaden the scope on what various techniques are used for.

Participation is obtained through an application (link below) wherein each participant describes his/her field and the personal relevancy of joining the school. The application also includes the abstract of the intended poster. Applications are reviewed continuously and the participant can expect answer within 14 days. With approval, he/she receives a link to finalize registration incl. payment.

Ultimate deadline for application is Thursday May 31st, 2018.

The summer school is arranged by Aarhus University and jointly supported by DanScatt, MAX4ESSFUN (INTERREG, ESS & MAX4 Cross Border Science & Society) and Center for Materials Crystallography (AU).


Contact person on questions re Summer School and application:
Jacob Becker, Aarhus University ()