ESS-MAX IV Science Colloquium – Ultrafast Nanomagnetism

Event Date: 2022-02-16  

Seminar with Prof. Hermann A. Dürr, Uppsala University

16 February, 15:15 CET

Ultrafast Nanomagnetism
A key driver of modern information technology is the quest for “smaller and faster” information processing and storage. The ultimate speed limit is the speed of light. Therefore, the idea to probe, change and control properties of materials with the help of light has long intrigued researchers in materials science. Of particular interest are magnetic materials which in nanostructured form are used for data storage, memory and processing. This research direction became especially appealing after the development of femtosecond lasers that represent the shortest stimuli in contemporary experimental physics, and the question arose whether they can be used for the optical control of the magnetic “bits” of information. In this talk I will give an overview how x-rays form synchrotron and free electron laser sources can unlock magnetization dynamics on nanometer and femtosecond length and timescales.

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