Nature Reviews Materials: A bright future for European beamlines

Nature Reviews Materials: A bright future for European beamlines

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MAX IV participated in the Big Science Business Forum early this year in Copenhagen. This was an important event to gather together big science infrastructures from across Europe and discuss opportunities with relevant industries.



Not only did MAX IV director, Christoph Quitmann give a talk, but MAX IV, along with our neighbours at ESS hosted over 250 conference delegates.


One of the delegates was Christine Horejs, editor of Nature Review Materials. In her recent feature, she talks about the event and her visit to MAX IV while exploring the future for European beamlines. While Europe is facing some political turmoil at the moment, which was discussed in the article, the tone was incredibly upbeat. The reason seems to be the strong sense of collaboration between all European beamlines for both X-rays and neutrons.


“X-ray and neutron science are fully complementary and we certainly need both,” –  Francesco Sette, Director General of the ESRF.

John Womersley who was also interviewed for the feature expressed his ambition, not only for the ESS project but for European collaboration in general. A dialogue between ESS and existing neutron sources is essential for answering sciences big questions over the coming years.

“We are trying to establish an entirely new infrastructure. We want to tackle the big scientific questions not only in life sciences, but also in materials characterization, for example, through being able to measure isotopes and light elements.” – John Womesley, Director General of the ESS.

On the theme of collaboration, MAX IV Director Christoph Quitmann was emphatic in the article, saying that we have to share.

“It is so much easier to collaborate than to reinvent the wheel. For example, the vacuum technology that we use at MAX IV was originally developed at CERN.” – Christoph Quitmann, Director of MAX IV Laboratory

The article features more quotes from the facility directors as well as the EU commissioner for research, science and innovation, Carlos Moedas. Special mentions were given to five MAX IV beamlines, you can read more via the full text of the article, available here.


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