ExPaNDS Project to Link Petabytes of Data Across Europe

ExPaNDS Project to Link Petabytes of Data Across Europe

European Open Science Cloud initiative: ExPaNDS project. credit: Diamond Light Source


How can European researchers better share data and access valuable data from others across domains and specialties to conduct their experiments? The answer lies in a new, large-scale European data science project through the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative. For MAX IV Laboratory and other European national facilities, the goals of storage, management, analysis and reuse of research data take form in the ExPaNDS project, the European Photon and Neutron Data Service.

Darren Spruce, Group Manager for Controls & IT, is part of the team at MAX IV working to make the ExPaNDS project a reality.


Interview with Darren Spruce, Controls & IT


Launched in September 2019, the EU-funded project aims to assemble and link data catalogues containing the petabytes of raw data generated yearly in Europe with relevant scientific publications. This linkage will improve speed and accessibility for data search and analysis for researchers. The planned open data platform will be governed by FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) for user data.

The federation of national sources driving the ExPaNDS project includes ten Photon and Neutron Research Infrastructures (PaN RIs) and e-Infrastructure EGI, for advanced scientific computing services.