Ferroelectric materials for future communication technology – ERC grant awarded to MAX IV user

European Research Council (ERC) have recently awarded an Advanced Grant to MAX IV user Prof. Lars-Erik Wernersson from Lund University. We asked a couple of questions on how the grants will further enable the research.

What is your area of research?
We focus on ferroelectric materials and their integration in high-performance III-V MOSFET transistors. The areas cover a wide range of topics from fundamental materials investigations to applications within future information and communication technologies. We build on a strong track record in this area.

What will the ERC grant enable you to do?
We will follow a scientific path starting with materials characterisation and investigation of integration strategies that will lead to millimetre wave technology with efforts on detector sensitivity and power consumption in switches. It will prove a material base for a wide range of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) applications including for instance neuromorphic computing and quantum technology.

What role does MAX IV play in your research?
MAX IV allows us to perform in-depth analyses of the ferroelectric materials and their interfaces towards III-V semiconductors. This understanding is crucial to managing the integration of the materials.

What are you most excited about?
The opportunity to explore a new research direction within ICT (Information and Communication Technology) combining strengths at Lund University such as MAX IV, Lund NanoLab and the Electro and Information Technology Department. The ferroelectric applications will build on knowledge in all these different areas.


Read more about Lars-Erik Wernersson and the research project in the Lund Univerity news post here


Front page photo: Unsplash