First installations at ForMAX

ForMAX, the phase III beamline combining x-ray microtomography with small- and wide-angle x-ray scattering for multiscale structural characterization of hierarchical materials, is progressing.

The first major installation at ForMAX, the radiation safety hutches delivered by Innospec Prüfsystem GmbH (Dreseden, Germany), has been taking place during the last two weeks. The purpose of the radiation safety hutches is to house x-ray optics and experimental station, while ensuring that the environment is kept safe from radiation. In order to meet the radiation-safety regulations, the hutches are constructed from approximately 60 metric ton of lead sandwiched by stainless steel.   The installation of ForMAX’s radiation safety hutches will be finalized in early November.

This marks the beginning of two hectic years at ForMAX, including other major installations such as building infrastructure, insertion device, front end, x-ray optics, and experimental station. The beamline is expected to receive synchrotron light in 2021 and start user operation in 2022.

The ForMAX beamline, externally funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and Swedish industry via the research platform Treesearch (, will allow multiscale structural characterization of hierarchical materials. A special focus of the beamline is the development of new materials and speciality chemicals from forest raw material.


Installation of ForMAX’s optics hutch, which will house optical components for shaping the x-ray beam properties to the needs of the experiment.