First remote operation at BioMAX

At October 31, 2019, the BioMAX team performed together with AstraZeneca the first 8-hour remote operation experiment. The researchers from AstraZeneca in Mölndal connected successfully to the BioMAX beamline remotely (left picture) and collected data from many samples during their 8-hour beamtime. Ana Gonzalez from the BioMAX team observed together with Helena Käck from AstraZeneca the remote operation from the BioMAX control hutch (right picture). At the end of the day, the BioMAX users concluded that this was a positive experience, which they want to follow up already one week later with the second remote beamtime.

“All involved teams are very happy that this quite complex and new experiment format worked so well”, says Uwe Mueller, structural biologist and beamline scientist at BioMAX. “Many thanks to Linda, Anna and Helena from AstraZeneca as well as to Ana from the BioMAX team, who is leading the remote operation project.”